Greenwood Art Guild

Come join us!

We look forward to seeing you in Ocboter! 

Our next meeting is Thursday, October 26th,  2017 at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Room at the main branch of Farmers Bank in Greenwood, AR.  

October is our last meeting for 2017.  We will enjoy a potluck supper together.  Plates, utensils, and cups will be provided by the Guild.  Please bring a food item of your choice: dessert, salad, finger food, casserole, soup....whatever it is..we'll eat it!

As a special treat, Darice Auguston, Dale's wife, has offered to bring her harp and provide some music for us.  Very cool!

Also, bring a photo you took that you think would be fun to paint.  We will vote on all the photos, choosing one to paint over the holiday break.  Then we will share our painting or drawing at the January meeting.  It is always fun to see how many ways a single photo can be interpreted. 

Monthly Project:

We have started a monthly project that is given at one meeting and shared at the next meeting.  Our theme to strive for in October is 'Fall'.  Bring your painting or photo that has this theme....however you want to interpret it!  As usual, bring any of your works you want to share.  We inspire each other!


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The Greenwood Art Guild of Greenwood, Arkansas is a made up of a fellowship of local artists who share a variety of talents and artistic venues.

From those who just appreciate art, to hobbyist, to professionals, the Greenwood Art Guild welcomes them all.

All artistic expression welcome: Painters, Sculptures, Pottery Makers, Photographers, Crafters, Jewelry Designers and more!

We are here to have fun, learn from each other, practice, and provide promotional opportunities.


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