Greenwood Art Guild

Come join us!

Our next meeting is Thursday, June 27th,  2019.  

This meeting will be led by Helen Kliner, and it's something brand new for most of us!  She is going to lead us through pouring resin into a frame and adding pieces to it.  See the photo below of an example she made. Helen built this piece in a workshop in Florida and graciously offered to share the technique with us. 

Helen is going to bring EVERYTHING you need to make the artwork.  Because she is buying the supplies, she has asked for $7 from everyone that is participating If you just want to come watch how it's done and not pay, that's fine too! 

What to bring:
  • Wear old clothes or an apron
  • drop cloths
  • paper towels
  • Helen will have some beachy items for you to add to your art piece, but if you have some small pieces like buttons, stones, dried flowers, beads, glass...or whatever, bring it!


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The Greenwood Art Guild of Greenwood, Arkansas is a made up of a fellowship of local artists who share a variety of talents and artistic venues.

From those who just appreciate art, to hobbyist, to professionals, the Greenwood Art Guild welcomes them all.

All artistic expression welcome: Painters, Sculptures, Pottery Makers, Photographers, Crafters, Jewelry Designers and more!

We are here to have fun, learn from each other, practice, and provide promotional opportunities.


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