Greenwood Art Guild

Come join us!

Our next meeting is Thursday, September 27th,  2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Room at the main branch of Farmers Bank in Greenwood, AR.  

I wanted to get the word out early so you have time to prepare for the mixed media activity that Dale Augustson will lead us through during our September meeting.

Take a look at our Facebook page to see pictures of Dale's work.  He recommends using a hard flat service like masonite board or a canvas board.  Paint your surface first and bring that to the meeting.  In addition to your painted surface, bring some glue (tacky glue if you have it) and bring a collection of items you want to secure to your board.  Dale uses all kinds of objects such as wire, rocks, sand, dried foliage, glass, beads, old jewelry.....your imagination is the limit.  After the items are secured, Dale will give further instructions on how to seal your work which you may have to do after you take it home.

If you want to bring any leaves or flowers, be sure to press them until they are dry and flat inside a heavy book first - which could take a few weeks.  

We will put our projects together with Dale's guidance during the meeting.  Thank you, Dale, for sharing your techniques with all of us! 


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The Greenwood Art Guild of Greenwood, Arkansas is a made up of a fellowship of local artists who share a variety of talents and artistic venues.

From those who just appreciate art, to hobbyist, to professionals, the Greenwood Art Guild welcomes them all.

All artistic expression welcome: Painters, Sculptures, Pottery Makers, Photographers, Crafters, Jewelry Designers and more!

We are here to have fun, learn from each other, practice, and provide promotional opportunities.


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