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Lorrie Bridges Greenwood, AR


Welcome! My name is Lorrie Dale Bridges, and I have been painting since 1998. I live in Greenwood, AR, with my husband Jason and work as a computer programmer for Abilene Christian University in Texas.

While I spend most of my day at a computer, gardening and painting are my true passions. I have even found a way to combine them! The floral silhouettes you see in the artwork are often made from real plants out of my garden or collected on a walk through the woods or along the roadside. The technique itself is not an original idea, but the paintings always turn out refreshingly unique with a depth that happens all on its own. I start with an idea of what I want to accomplish; however, there are always surprises. Observers may very well see something new with further study of the canvas.

I create within the themes of nature and mythology. From fish to fairies, I enjoy painting scenes that relax, intrigue, or entice a fantasy.

Janie Blodgett Booneville, AR

Acrylics, Colored Pencils, Pastels

My name is Janie Blodgett, I was born in southern California, but went to high school in the bay area where I graduated. Although I was drawing at a very early age, it wasn’t until high school that I picked up painting in oils. I dabbled in some pottery and some other mediums at this time, but always went back to the oils. I got married in 1983, and in 1992 my husband and I moved to Colorado. There I found many different subjects to paint, especially the beautiful Rockies. I continued to work in oils for years, making time for my drawing. I enjoy painting landscapes, and drawing portraits of people, and animals.

As time passed, I started using color pencils, which were fun to use. I love using them to this day. They give me the ability to draw with the added bonus of color. Drawing is very important to me. In this time, I stopped using oils due to health reasons, and picked up acrylics. I painted my first seascape using acrylics. What fun! I fell in love with painting water, be it the ocean, lakes, or rivers. 

After moving to Arkansas in 2006, I continued in my current mediums. About four years after living here, I met some artists friends who use pastels. I took a workshop to see if I would like them, and I found them very easy to use. I now use pastels on a regular basis, painting water with them is easier than ever too! I use pastels and color pencils mostly now, and acrylic on occasion. I always paint from my own reference photos, except when I am painting commission works.

I am a member of the Greenwood Art Guild as of 2009, and a member of the Ozark Pastel Society as of 2016.

Lisa Jan-Bohne' Clay Greenwood, AR

Oil, Watercolors

Ms. Clay has always had a love for art and creativity.  She considers both to be very much a part of her.  She gives full credit to the original artist and creator, Our Lord and Savior.  

Ms. Clay studied art at the Memphis Academy of Art and Arkansas State University.  Her artwork has been displayed in galleries in Augsburg, Germany; Little Rock, Arkansas and San Antonio, Texas, where she has lived and received numerous awards.  

Ms. Clay incorporates art in therapy for young children as a child and family therapist at her private practice, Lisa Clay Child and Family Therapy, located in Fort Smith, AR.


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Sharla Derry Greenwood, AR

Watercolor, Pastels, Charcoal, Photography

Sharla enjoys creating with: many mediums such as watercolor, soft pastel, pen and ink, charcoal and colored pencils.  Animals and nature scenes are her subject matter of choice.  While she enjoys taking on paid commissioned work, donations of her work and services to charities as opportunities arise give her a feeling of duty and privilege.  Sharla also enjoys photography a great deal and accepts assignments such as portrait photography, specializing in senior pictures taken in outdoor settings.


Making a piece of paper “come to life” is a particular fascination and Sharla believes that the real gift of her craft is the ability to observe the excitement and visual pleasure that her artwork provides, especially when something she has created evokes personal memories for the viewer.  Sharla resides in the Greenwood area and her other interests include cooking, reading, and spending time in the great outdoors in various ways. 


 Martha Efurd Greenwood, AR

Oil, Watercolor, Pen/Ink

Martha Dollar Efurd has been drawing and painting most of her life. Her pen and inks, oils, prisma pencils, watercolors and acrylics depict a variety of America's beautiful landscapes. Eclectic styles, with a hint of southwest mountain terrain or deep winter snows add richness to her style.  Martha enjoys working with people designing pen and ink notecards of historical buildings or homes. She currently is working on custom murals!

Martha Efurd, says her mood and the subject matter being rendered determines the medium in which she works. She enjoys pen and ink, colored pencil, oil, acrylic or watercolor. Traveling around the country and living abroad she has learned to appreciate the beauty of each place. However, living in west Texas she has grown to love the southwest which dominated the theme of her paintings for a few years.  Recently, Martha has been painting Italy scenes, local landscapes and flowers.


 Brent Elmore

Greenwood, AR


 Debbie Elmore

Greenwood, AR



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Linda Faber Hackett, AR

Acrylics, Oils, various surfaces

Linda has been doing Decorative painting for over 20 years.  Her favorite medium is acrylics, although she also enjoys oils and colored pencils.  Her favorite surface is just about anything – wood, fabric, tin, eggs!  However, her passion is raising her own gourds to paint.

Linda is a member of the National Society of Decorative Artists, Tulsa Town Tolers, and is Secretary of the Greenwood Art Guild.  She has taught painting classes in her home and at Michaels in Fort Smith, AR.  Linda annually attends national painting conventions as well.


Tammy Fujibayashi Greenwood, AR

Oil, Acrylics

I never set out to produce anything but go with a feel. If I try to get wrapped up the details the piece will not get finished. So, I just let the brush do the work.  I love to work with blues, because, for me they reflect calm. I have grown this love for the small 5"x 5" and 6"x 6" canvas. I like to paint pictures of people in hats. ADD??? Yes...definitely! .
Art is a hobby for me...I am happiest with art when I can  encourage help others to  create.  Nothing more fulfilling then seeing a child or adult show their work and explain why they love art. I encourage children and adults to explore the arts everyday

Wanda Granderson Lavaca, AR

Graphite, Acrylic, Colored Pencil, Charcoal

Born and raised near the beautiful rolling hills of Hot Spring County, Arkansas, Wanda has a true love of nature. She is enthusiastic about art and it’s a major part of her life.  Artistic expression gives her great joy as she uses her perceptions of nature’s beauty whether it’s a grand landscape or just a simple single flower.

She is a self-taught artist that started by reading select books on “seeing” and artistic expression. Knowing she needed to learn more, she has participated in art workshops conducted by Barbara Loftin and Jason Sacran. Wanda has also attended lectures presented by Pat Lapin and Julie Mayser. She understands that there is always something more learn on this journey. 

Her favorite medium is graphite but also works with colored pencil and acrylic.

She has learned that it’s all about enjoying the process of creating art and looks forward to the next adventure. Wanda likes to explore and try new methods of untapped artistic expression. She is a true artist at heart.


Ginger Hamm Greenwood, AR

Oils, Acrylics

Ginger was born and grew up in Texarkana.  She and husband, Floyd, moved to Greenwood after living in New Orleans, Houston, Singapore, Oklahoma City, Shreveport, Hot Springs, and Fort Smith.  She studied art in most of those cities with local artists.  Taking art classes was a joy but became more serious at LSU in Shreveport where she studied color theory and design receiving certification to teach art in high school.

Ginger has found that happiness comes from living a creative life; and although much pleasure is derived when others find her artwork pleasing, the real happiness comes from the doing.

She believes “that inspiration is everywhere if our eyes are open and looking for it.  It may come from a beautiful sunset where God has flung His paint box of colors across the sky.  It may come from a drive on an autumn day or a stroll through a beautiful garden. We are all creative.  We should just stop resisting, relax, and let it flow.”

Ginger says, “I’m always changing, so my style has evolved over time.  As my interests shift, I work with different themes and have become more comfortable with different mediums. Currently, I am enjoying working in layers using memories, symbols, textures, colors and language all the while discovering new techniques using a variety of mediums.”

Peggy Hatcher  Waldron, AR

 Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastels


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Geta Hershberger Greenwood, AR


God, Master Creator, Artist of artists, Creator of light and beauty has given me the gift of painting and a love of gardening along with the natural world.  I create landscapes, gardens and flower portraits, plus still lifes that I enjoy arranging.

I have been drawing most of my life and started painting in high school art classes.  In my early years of marriage, I did some oil painting. However, when the kids started coming, I quit except for small periods of time.  When I started foster parenting, I would paint in acrylics at night for relaxation.

After the kids were grown, I took tole painting classes.  Later I was encouraged to take up watercolor. Since it is the hardest medium to work in, I decided to take the plunge and go for it.  I took classes in watercolor and basic design at the College of the Redwoods in California and studied with many nationally known artists.  My mentor is Alan Sanborn who was in galleries across the United States.  He taught me to see with an artist's eye for which I will be forever grateful.

My biggest achievement was to win an award at the juried California National Watercolor Association - although I have won many awards in juried shows in northern California.

The most important thing for an artist to do is to forever remain a student, always learning.  When you think you have arrived, you might as well hang up your brush and put away your paints for you will never progress beyond that point.



Teri Hicks Greenwood, AR

Acrylic, Textile Painting, Watercolor, and Jewelry Making


Jeanette Hunnicutt Greenwood, AR

China Painting

Jeanette was born in Chicago and has lived in several states around the US.  She settled in Greenwood, AR with her husband Gilbert about 15 years ago.  She started painting in her sixties when a friend asked her to try a china painting class.  Painting has become a passion for Jeanette since her retirement.  Her china painting spans portraits, landscapes, animals, and florals.  She still attends weekly china classes, but mostly enjoys painting in her home studio and has her own firing kiln.


 Wanda Kindberg Greenwood, AR



Nina Looper Greenwood, AR

Acrylics, Oil, Watercolor

Ms. Looper’s classic style depicts scenes from the local area.  Nina grew up in Mansfield, AR as Nina Elmore.  She has lived in Greenwood for 32 years, and has been painting since 1980.  

Ms. Looper was inspired to begin painting by a dear friend, Erlene Ray.  Nina studied watercolor and oil painting in Fayetteville.  She also studied with Glenda Wallace in Greenwood with a focus on charcoal renderings.  

One of Nina's paintings, “The Lighthouse”, is displayed on the third floor of the Walters Law Firm.  Her paintings are entered every year at the South Sebastian County Fair, receiving blue ribbons.  Ms. Looper enjoys painting landscapes using oil paints.  She has sold many paintings over the years. She also does commissioned  work.

Julie Mayser Greenwood, AR

Pastels, Watercolor, Acrylics, Oil

Julie Mayser received her first art schooling at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago,Illinois.  Subsequently she studied at CASC in Poteau,OK, and at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah,Ok. She has also studied with leading artist-teachers in the U.S. and Europe, continuing her art education into the present. Julie is proficient in watercolor, pastel, acrylics, and oil mediums and has also ventured into sculpture. Her medium of choice is pastel.  Her pastel work is at times expressioinistic, impressionistic, and/or colorist.

Julie's paintings are in private, public and corporate collections across the U.S.and in Canada, Europe, and Asia. Recent collectors are Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Mayor Ray Baker of Ft Smith AR, Ft Smith (AR) Convention Center, and the Arkansas Sheriffs' Youth Ranches. Her paintings may be seen in galleries in Ft Smith,AR, Paris, AR, Rogers AR, & Bentonville AR, as well as in special exhibits. She is an Arkansas resident.

Julie says: "My reason for being a painter comes down to a few basics: My love of nature, the positive beautiful glimpses of life which surround us, and wanting to share these personal perceptions and joy with the viewer.”



Breigh McKown Magazine, AR

 Acrylics, Oil


Mary Quick Greenwood, AR

Acrylics, Oil



Shirley Rambin Greenwood, AR


Adrienne Riddle Waldron, AR

Watercolor, Acrylics, Oil


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Ada Sanderson Greenwood, AR 

Sewing Art, Drawing, Calligraphy 



Joan Shadd Waldron, AR

Watercolor, Acrylics, Oil, Pastels



Fayrene Stringer Waldron, AR

Watercolor, Acrylics, Oil


Candy Ware Greenwood, AR



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